LAb of life: 28-day residential program

Federation of Damanhur, ITALY in collaboration with Damanhur Education NGO


week 1

The Soul is a community

Meet the people, meet the place, the land, the spiral… Overview of the magical time together: the Oracle, the Equinox, the Temples and the sacred land of Damanhur.

You will learn to recognize, guide and enjoy the different parts of your personality and the complexity of your soul. When you acknowledge and accept all the aspects you are composed of and harmonize them, then everything inside of you will be pulling in one clearly defined direction. You’ll feel fully energetic, satisfied, at peace with ourselves and aligned with your Higher Self.

You will playfully discover your different personalities, the facets of your Soul. Start a process of integration and recognition of the main note/s of your presence.
You will familiarize with the symbolic power of the alchemical elements, discover yours, bring it to life, and learn to express and balance it.

You will enjoy practical experiences and meditations in the sacred areas of Damjl - Damanhur’s oldest settlement and main ground - and in the Temples of Humankind. An art workshop, a hike in the mountains and plenty of time to play, share and connect will make this week a memorable start of your Journey.

Week 2

sacred mirrors: community, ritual and the cosmos

In the week of the Full Moon you will participate in the mystical Ritual of the Oracle to find guidance and new insights. You will explore Damanhur’s vision of the universe, the Gods, the history of humanity and the connection with nature and the intelligence of the cosmos.You will learn and practice effective conflict resolution techniques and experience the power and the beauty of creating more harmonious relationships. You will visit some of Damanhur’s homes and communities to explore different ways of sharing and living sustainably, while respecting and honoring the land.You will discover the profound meaning of Damanhur’s Spiritual Popolo and the Federation’s actions to preserve the wisdom of indigenous people. You will walk through the spirals and labyrinth of the Sacred Woods to create a sacred bond with nature. You will meditate on ancient Celtic land and next to a special crystal spiral, to connect to community beyond humans, the trees and the cosmos — and to community beyond form: the wisdom of indigenous People and the Beyond. You will experience a connection with Selfica, a spiritual technology from the future and the ancient past, rediscovered in Damanhur. Selfica connects us to the life force of nature to increase our vitality and well-being, and to cosmic forces to amplify Synchronicity and our ability to interact with the energies of the Conscious Universe in which we live.

Week 3

The Dance of the Masculine and the Feminine

In the week of the Autumn Equinox, you will participate in the Equinox Ritual to align with the cosmic rhythm of the new season. You will discover how important it is to respect and follow the changes of season to create a new cultural perspective, in harmony with the ancient wisdom of those people who know how to tread softly on our planet., As the Equinox is the point of balance between the day and the night, the sun and the moon, it is the perfect time to explore the dance of the masculine and feminine principles within yourself and in the world, to feel the powerful and soft embrace of the Goddess and the formidable transforming presence of the Divine Masculine. Learn techniques to move towards a more integrated spiritual and emotional balance, more freedom, health and joy.
Learn about the Damanhurian marriage tradition, the awakening of memories in children, the practices of pregnant women to prepare their body and their soul to receive a new Being. Movement techniques, dance and a special dinner will complement this beautiful and insightful week. 

Week 4

You are a Gift to the World

Open to the unexpected and you will find even more talents, joy and energy within yourself. You will feel the Magic of being on a journey of which you don’t know the destination; learning to drive events with your emotions and thought — just like in the extraordinary Viaggio (journeys) on which Falco - Damanhur late founder - used to take Damanhurians to experience magic at work.

You will discover Damanhur’s Path to Enlightenment through the 8 Quests, discuss Damanhur’s Constitution and elaborate on the principles needed to create a new world of sustainability, regeneration of cultures and the earth and understanding among all people.

You will end this Journey with a clear feeling and understanding of your unique gift to the world, and with a practical plan of action on how to fully express it.


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